Letter to great Indians

New Renaissance

                               First few decades of the last century, was a glorious epoch. Gathering impetus from the Indian counter part of the great renaissance movement, initiated by RajaRam Mohan Roy , Gopal Krishna Gokhale and Madan Mohan Malaviya. Espousing secular and democratic values of western education to the fabric of Indian tradition ,Ishwara Chandra Vidya Sagar has done a pivotal role to shape our knowledge base, while Swami Vivekananda established its generic link to our noble tradition . Its impact on socio­-political , cultural, literary and scientific scenario was tremendous . We got great leaderslike Mahatmaji, Nathaji Subhash Chandra Bose ,Dr. B.R Ambedker and a long list of honest and dedicated leaders of international repute to guide the future generation . Nobel laureates Rebindranath Tagore , C.V Raman has boosted the Indian morel , Even in sports and games India has proved her competence .Indian parliament during fifties and sixties has seen stalwarts like Jawaharlal Nehru ,B.R Ambedker ,Ram Manoher Lohia . Firoz Gandhi rightly expressing his right to disagree with the first prime minister ,great scientist Meghanath Saha expressing his disagreement related to the nuclear policy .Agreements and disagreements,philosophical transactions and intellectual discourses are all text books to the true student of democracy .India got the proud adjective 'Largest democracy in the world' , But out side the parliament there was gradual decline of morel, ethical , cultural and scientific standards, Starting from communal riots and assassination of the great Mahatmaji . Regionalism ,Communal- ism,Corruption and Nepotism gradually infesting the fabric of Indian society. When the democratic values and right to disagree began to be snatched away by the echelons of
power the great son of India Jayaprakash Narayan rose to the occasion and led the inevitable J.P Movement and brought back the democratic persuite and shaped the world view of Indian youth at that period .More than three decades again passed , just look around to see the pathetic,paralytic corruption dominated India . From the highest echelons of power to the bottom base, every walks of life has been infested by the 'omni potent 'and 'omnipresent ' cancer of corruption. Exceptions seems to be rare and far apart .From the few crores involved in Bofors and UTI scams. Amounts involved in corruption graduated to lakhs of crores of Indian Rupees , against a population of just 122 Crores !!. Rather than the pathology and magnitude of corruption it is the shame it brings , bows our head down in front of the informed .From political and economic scenario, corruption is creeping in to the cultural ,morel and ethical domains. unholy alliance between the corrupted syndicate from the ruling and opposition fronts is spreading the mindset of pessimism and desperateness in the society. Alcoholisms,Drugs addition,Farmer's suicide,Attack on women and weaker sections of the poor are symptoms of the pathology of corruption . The UNO ,together with the developed  nations realized the need for Right to Information , Steps to curtail and Prevent Corruption ,Protection of the Environment ,steps to uphold Human rights,But our parliament has legislated laws with good number of loopholes,distortion and manipulation ,stands in mockery with the intended purposes, yielding the opposite result. Read the 'Sarkari ­lokhpal and compare it with the Jana- Lokpal prepared by the Anna Team .
     Black Money,Muzzle power and misinformation are the instruments to rule the nation ,C.B.I becomes the 'dossier ' preparing agency to intimidate and blackmail the decedents to grab support .Winning the election or killing the opponent has become a matter of few Cores ,which they have in plenty !! .Truth is always buried with the help of black money ,dossiers and other instruments of power. When I am writing this ADERSH SCANDEL FILES are burning to ashes together with the life few of innocents, truth is blocked permanently ! .But to the true academicians,scientists and common man 'Truth is sacrosanct ' .Best expression of it can be  found in Holy bible John 8 :32 'And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free' .Yes we must know the truth and we need freedom.
       Kerala resonated in style and strength to the Renaissance movement. Thanks to the work of Christian missionaries for spreading the secular and democratic values of western education in Kerala. With the philosophical, intellectual and spiritual support from Swami Vivekananda .Srenarayana Guru, Chattampi Swami and the Great Ayyankali inspired the Kerala conciseness  to 'walk for freedom '. Political ,Economic and Educational developments followed .Partly because of the extra millage in socio­political and economic development and consequent inertia,the Keralites where done only token participation to the J.P movement of the last century and to the first phase of Annaji's crusade against  corruption. Now we are compelled !! Lavelin and Palm oil scandals are just tips of the ice ­berg ,just like the arrested few in political murder cases . scandals bearing attractive names
are channel discussions topics to the electronic media but it has grown to million rupee black  money translations and new unholy syndicates between the policy makers in ruling front and opposition . Situation is better known to the Italian sailors confident of walking away after the doing shooting practice on innocent and poor fisher folks of Kerala .Since they know the
story of Ottavio Quattrocchi and Sonia with a camouflaged last name just watch there body­ language, smoking and walking proudly ridiculing the Indian jurisprudence .Just throw away few crores and walk away unhurt is there paradigm .Weknow how the various scandals and murder cases are adjusted between the ruling front and the opposition .It is high time to stand bold and raise your voice .. share your views , spread the message ,criticize us ,we have nothing to hide . please walk in pride with your friends to meet people spreading the New Renaissance movement of India.We need a new uprising from the people with the right leadership ,honest and dedicated ! OUR NATION IS CALLING YOU ! YOUR TOTAL
Jai Hind!

                    A letter

         I have written to Anna Hazare and Medha Padker , when Sri Arvind Kejriwal was doing upavas at Delhi , Both responded very positively , When Medha ji was doing hunger strike in mumbay few days later Arvindji responded immediately. Letter is still relevant -the  Second independence movement has started .Now I am calling you come forward! . Uphold the dignity  of this great nation - Build up the Holly alliance against the unholy nexus of Corporates ,greedy politicians and maroons in higher echelons of power   

 Now letter is Addressed to you, Proud  Indian,----
Respected Medhaji,and Most respected Annaji ,

Sub: Bijeli-Paani Antholan started by Sri Arvind Kejriwal- Request for support
As you are well aware of the great Antholan ,Arvindhji has shouldered with your blessings , and the tactic's of total ignorance played by the print and electronic media in perfect harmony with the interest of the Ruling and opposing? political parties together with corporate ,forms a nexus . I need not mention to you the great need for a holy alliance, to counter the unholy nexus .I have quoted the following famous German Holocaust poem “ by Martin Niemöller in a similar letter to my friends in Delhi and else where -Most of them are academicians -students and people adopting different paradigms to fight against corruption in different levels
First They Came for the Jews
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for the Communists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for me !”,..........
Last line omitted since the poem seems to be better with out it !
Translating mutatis mutandis   to Indian context When writing to Great patriots like Medhaji  and Annaji it reads “They came for Narmada-,then Koodamkulam - , Manipure , Small farmers -In Maharastra and elsewhere -Small merchants,Civil Servants and employees , Academicians and researchers - Bijali-Pani users in Delhi and other places “-chronology doesn't matter , ---- how much more we have to suffer - and the common denominator of all their attempts were Mega -Corruptions .
While Annaji and Great Indians like Medhaji represents the soul of the new renaissance movement based on Humanism, Arvindhji rightly trying to build up the spirit and body to the new independence movement – .
He is now in an Antholan –inspired by the great " Anna-Movement " future historians should proudly call it the "Great -Bijali-Pani Antholan in Delhi-2013 " started on 23-March ,a remarkable day in Indian History ,(1931 ) BHAGATH SINGH, RAJGURU and SUKHDEV Sacrificed their life for my country - . You know better than me that Arvind 's life is precious - THE hunger strike is to be brought to its logical end immediately. With a huge rally in Delhi where Annaji , Medha Patker an other similar great souls of India is participating – Yes it is my dream ! I know the  obstacles that the Corrupt Government ' may create . Most probably there will not be Metro or other transport facilities available in the coming days ,They are past masters of their own bad and tragic tricks -I am afraid !!. If we can mobilize a big rally people walking from all corners of Delhi to a common place -India can witness the event and Arvindhji can with draw the Hunger -strike- (Not the Antholan it shall continue ) Amm Admy of India get honored .Even with out huge rally ,we can declare the Hunger strike over this time , exposing the unethical silence of Indian Mass media – Declaration for a free and independent TV channel can be made at the venue -
For the success of any movement we have to create a background where democratic values and freedom of thought and expression -and people of India must get themselves free from fear to express their demands ,needs and anguish related to the disgrace of being the citizens of the most corrupted country .
As the Antholan continues, they should  not pay the water- Electricity bills  Some will reconnect (Civil disobedience) - others can shift  to Solar -Wind and other sustainable alternatives – and generators .Residence associations, dedicated volunteers and N.G.Os can do a lot to implement the scheme . Shop owners can display Antholan banners with no electric power from corrupted agencies - Indians move around with badges and placards .
Parallels in history are "Salt Strike and  Abandoning of Western dress” by MAHATMAJI .
As Respected Adv. Shanthi Bhushan correctly put the historic lesson “This is the last bus to democracy and next is Anarchy “Let us prevent Anarchy for the sake of our future generations.
Please Come out in Support of the Historic Antholan which is the logical continuation of “Anna Movement “"

Jay Hind- Prof.Gopalakrishna Panicker

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