Indian politic in cross roads-AAP and its infantile disorders

Adv Prasanth Bhusan and Yogendra Yadev have highlighted the right demand in harmony with the principles of Swaraj ,Decentralization and Democracy . Common denominator of Indian political system is High command culture and NOMINATION SYNDROME .Thousands of volunteers raise these historically relevant issues to make India proud, but History has shown the opposite trends as well - In Collective phenomenon of  self organized systems like human society 'Delayed over reaction seems to be the rule ' Great Principles of of Democracy by Pericles (Ref:' Funeral Oration')and Democritus , later ossified to anarchy and then , the Thirty Tyrants -trial and Magistricide of great Philosopher Socrates -Platonist rhetoric and sophistry with 'noble lies ' ,Self appointed guardian advocating  'Utopian Republic ' ,putting his words in the mouth of Socrates .(Ref Opens Society and its enemies- Karl Popper) Philanthropy,liberty and freedom of early Christianity later compelled  Constantine the 'Great' (27 February c. 272 AD[1] – 22 May 337 AD),to espouse it tactically.Used the mass support to bring  dynastic -Divine right rule  and we call this long period from Third century to 15th Century as 'Dark ages ' in Europe,just like the early Buddhism faded and cast-ism ruled the roost. Then the Enlightenment with -Principles of liberty, equality, fraternity, after running its course through Dark ages – The Age of reason evolved in nearly three Centuries gradually succumbed to Centralization and autocracy (Ref :Alexis de Tocqueville on French revolution ) . Enlightenment slipped to  redundant reductionism -Laplaceian determinism and finally to Fascism and Totalitarianism -Philosophical basis of the same has provided by Hegel . Indian counter part of renaissance, giving space to Congress misrule and assassination of Mahatmaji . Misterious disappearance of Nethaji.,J.P movement , gradually hijacked by  Indian Fascism, with text book ingredients like with national jingoism,religious fanaticism and tribal taboos.   After Annaji's great movement and exponential growth of AAP ,there is the real danger of autocracy and centralization. ! Fascism is impatiently waiting out side .This is not to give pessimistic tint to the honest approach but a warning to those who are adopting diplomatic silence with a careerist bent of mind .Attempts to fume out respected leaders like Prasantji and Yogendraji is unethical. It is the beginning of the DECLINING PHASE of AAP and Indian Democracy . More dangerous is the dislodging Admiral Ramdas- the ombudsman . But let me recall the attempts of Musharraf In Pakistan (2007)to dislodge Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry,
In the present context Adv  Prashant Bhushan ,Prof.Yogendra Yadave,Prof Anadh Kumarv  and thousands of dedicated volunteers are representing the right principles, vigorously advocated by Great leaders like Mahathmaji, Bhagath Singh, Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar (Ref at least the proposed Lahore speech which never has taken place !) ,Dr.Ram Manoher Lohia and M.N.Roy – .Brutal majority with  nominated sycophants has voted  out founding leaders together with founding principles  and dislodge the ombudsman Admiral Ramdas . Respected people adopting diplomatic silence please note , you are next! -you may be compelled to soften your stand for survival with in the party but Paradigm of centralization always try to draw smaller and smaller circles ! And final imploding would be inevitable  . Please be  strong and  adhere to the true values of Humanism and openness .Proud Indians will be with you. I am agreeing with the fact that some Centralization is required during the infant stage of the party -later there must be Centralization in the basis of strong ideology. Problem with the party is that it failed to nourish the right Historically relevant Philosophy !

                     Compromise is not a one time job it demands further chain of compromises-and will be compelled to  resist sooner . But as a tactics from both sides, yes, both sides can buy more time before the final assault. Those who became lazy after compromise will loose the battle . Lie needs more lies just like violence breeds more violence. Peace based on Right is Might is the Right choice. Might is Right is the slogan of sycophants.
                     History always provide good many parallels ,even though it never repeats. It helps us to mould the present and shape the future provided we learn the right lessons, applying to the right context Consider Indian political scenario in 1946 -India’s independence was only a matter of time. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad was the president of Congress party at that time , natural choice as the first Prime Minister of independent India. Mahatmaji favoured Jawarlal Nehru, non of the Pradesh Congress Committees(PCC) supported him ,only few Congress Working committee(CWC) members favoured him .The majority support was in favour of Sardar patel and then to Acharya J B Kriplani . Coronation of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru as India’s first Prime Minister was a 'compromise to democracy '. Mahatmaji feared ;Nehru could cause problems and was well aware of his relationship with Mount Batten – It marked the declining phase of Indian renaissance. It should be noted that Jawarlal Nehru while praising Chanakya as the Indian- Machiavelli and commented “..bigger person in every way ,greater intelligence;humble adviser to any ruler” (Ref:'Discovery of India ,Page 124 )Gradually great leaders Like Mahathmaji, Vinobha bave, Jayaprakash Narayanan ,Dr B.R Abdedkar and a long list of proud Indians distanced from the main stream of Congress politics .Mystery behind the cruel Assassination of Mahathmaji and tragic disappearance of Nathaji Subhash Chandrabose still remains , In 1958, Feroze khan Jehangir Ghandy , raised the 'Haridas Mundhra' scandal, involving the government controlled LIC ,a huge embarrassment to Nehru's government .Eventually T.T. Krishnamachari then Finance Minister resigned . Feroze khan was a democrat and proud Indian upholding high moral and ethical values ,later his rift with his wife and her father Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is well known. Equally known is the story of his surname Gandhi .We have seen for few decades the misrule of so-called 'Gandhi dynasty' .
Corruption, graduated from few hundred thousands of INR to Billions – J.P movement ,Anna Hazare movement -formation of AAP – its ups and downs in it's votes ,seats ,reputation and moral strength. Dirty tricks, lies ,attempts to fume out leaders of name and reputation like Adv Shanthi Bhushan ,Adv Prashant Bhushan ,Prof Yogendra Yadave ,Prof Anand Kumar above all admiral Ramdas ,the Internal lokpal. Prominent individuals like Medha Patkar, Aruna Roy, all naturally expressed their grace ,dignity and sense of values . AAP 's Patiala MP Dharamvira Gandhi, MLA Pankaj Pushkar,rightly upholding the spirit of the movement and give the indication that there are still few more in the echelons of legislature power and more chapters to the episode are yet to be written .
Asuthosh in his usual sycophantic cacophony compared Mr.Arvindh Kejrwal with Pundit Nehru while agreeing with him in spirit -Jawaharlar Neru was more intelligent and shared some democratic pursuit with his European counterparts mainly  due the social thinking prevailed in European Universities as the reverberation of Renaissance .He would have behaved with grace after the victory in Delhi . Perhaps Chief Minister ship in Delhi even for a short term may be the highest dream achievable to an average Indian politician well versed in dirty tricks. It is now worth quoting an admirer of Machiavelli’s “dangerous” and “immoral” teachings:- Ronald Reagan once said, “Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.”.
                  For them everything is right in love and war .Politic is just the war for power .This context is to be realistically analysed with commitment to the greater cause . Let me appreciate the matured decision to postpone formation a political party now . Social initiative is a prerequisite for political alternative .It is the lesson stressed by Dr.B.R Ambedkar (Lahor talk point.2) Let me put forward few suggestions after discussing with good number of volunteers :-
1. Amass petition is to be filed with E.C ,against Mr.Arvindh kejiriwal and coterie for the violating AAP constitution,in number of ways -prepare petition to be signed online.
2. Again upholding the 'Basic principle doctrine of Indian constitution ' legal suit is to be filed .They have cheated the public by showing a democratic constitution,espousing transparency and pluralism .vision document and public speeches,cashing on the credibility of good number of real leaders -thousands of volunteers has spend time ,money and energy for a noble cause and terribly betrayed.
3. Recalling the right to recall provision of the AAP constitution start organizing public opinion for the demand for resignation of Arvindh Kejiriwal and coterie from all party posts and from Delhi ministry.
4. That would be a lesson to other political parties as well . This is the right time to raise the demand for bringing all recognized political parties under R.T.I.
5. Join with other people's movement for justice and survival of the deprived .
Thanking you- If you agree share and popularize these demands and it's rational and noble intentions . If you don't agree try to correct me logically I shall join you .
Prof.Gopalakrishna Panicker -Kerala http://thenewindianrenaissance.blogspot.in/

-Prof.Gopalakrishna Panicker Kerala -

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