Pollution of Air ,water and soil in Kanthikulam respond befor we are late

Nitta Gelatin pollution issue Kanthikulam ,Trichur District Kerala

Kathikudam, a small and beautiful village in Trichur District Kerala
Nitta Gelatin India Limited (NGIL), Originally christened as Kerala Chemicals & Proteins (KCPL) is a joint venture between Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation and two renowned Japanese companies - Nitta Gelatin and Mitsubishi Corporation. It produces ossein, a chemical used to manufacture gelatin .Company incorporated with japanese company and started operation in 1979 . It produces Ossien from the bones of slaughtered animals, is causing pollution in the entire area, extending more than ten square kilometers. , as the polluted Chalakudy River flows through, six Grama Panchayat areas. The innocent villagers who live away from the company, surrender to death, without knowing the extent of danger, the pollution creates as the company discharges its deadly hazardous effluents directly in to Chalakudy River, through secret pipes. The effluents discharged into the river contains decomposed particles of flesh, marrow and bones, produced after the preliminary process of washing the bones in water and hydrochloric acid, and other hazardous chemicals, and also the sludge produced after the remaining subsequent processes. ‘Sludge’ is a grease-like effluent which floats in the water, and also very difficult to handle and hard to dry out. These effluents have a nasty smell, and it spreads a foul odour, even kilometers. It all become clear when fish began to die and float on River “Chalakkudy” river.
'Ossien' is the raw material used in the production of gelatin. About hundred and twenty tones of bones are crushed into pieces and washed every day. More than sixty tons of effluents are produced when the bones are washed in the water and hydrochloric acid. 1,20,000 litres of hydrochloric acid per day are used during this process. 62,90,200 liters of water is used for this purpose, as per official records. The water consumption may exceed up to 2 crores litres per day. The company takes water from the river without any permission from the local Panchayat. As a result of this exploitation of water, the farmers are facing severe scarcity of water during summer season, making the cultivation a heavy loss.
The company started with promise of jobs and prosperity to the villagers . Now the people realise that the promises given by the company were false, and they are cheated. The company promised job for thousands, but gave job only for 112 people. They conquered the land, confiscated the most valuable property air, water and the earth, leaving the people behind in total frustration. Reason for the huge mass support .

Due to the air pollution the entire area is filled with a nasty smell throughout .. It spreads about ten square kilometers. Women and children are mainly the victims of this foul odor. Women wake up during late hours of night, nursing their children who are struggling to get their breath. Suffocation caused by lack of oxygen and fresh air due to pollution aggravates the problem. Majority of the people are from the low income group and they spend a major share of their income to meet their hospital expenses, leaving the entire family into starvation.

The company digs deep trenches and disposes the sludge into it, as it produces 60 tones of sludge everyday. It pollutes and spoils the groundwater making the well water of the entire village unfit for drinking. The sludge is again transported to different parts of the country to fill lands without the permission of the authorities and without the knowledge of the public. They sell the same to innocent people as manure and cheat them widely.

The research and surveys conducted revealed several shocking facts. A number of people of this village have died of cancer for the last few years. Several others are undergoing treatment for cancer. The air pollution creates patients of Asthma, Bronchitis, Lungs Cancer and other respiratory problems. The polluted water and air causes skin diseases, learning deficiency in children, retardation both physical and mental, infertility and various other major diseases.

Thousands of people were depending Chalakudy River for their bathing and washing of clothes etc. But now, scaring serious skin diseases nobody is going near the river. Still a number of drinking water project are existing on the banks of this river. Some of the pumping stations are situated near the company effluent’s outlet. A number of irrigation schemes also exist here.

The state pollution control Board is keeping silence to this serious issue allowing innumerable innocents surrender to death day by day. An action council has formed to fight against this evil Let me quote the Company report from it's web site ---Quote “
It produces ossein, a chemical used to manufacture gelatin (mostly for photographic use) and dicalcium phosphate (used in animal feed) from crushed animal bones. It began commercial production in 1979. The plant capacity to manufacture ossien was initially 3300 tpa and that of DCP was 6700 tpa. Ossein capacity was increased to 5000 tpa and of DCP to 11000 in 1992-93. In 1993-94, the company undertook a project for liming of ossein. In 1995-96, the first phase of the liming project was completed. The company is setting up a unit for the manufacture of 2000-tpa gelatine with the technical collaboration of Nitta Gelatin, Japan. The project cost is Rs 70 cr. For the third time in succession, the company received the Top Export Award for Ossein for 1994-95 from CAPEXIL. During 1996-97, the trial project of Liming Of Ossein was restarted on Feb.'97 with an installed capacity of 5 MT per day, due to delay in the previous year. The Gelatine project is also under implementation due to delay in respect of the land acquired, but since the company has received allotment of 13 acre plot for the project in the KINFRA Export Promotion Industrial Park in Kakkanadu. Trial run production of Limed Ossein commenced in Feb.'97 and the construction of the Gelatine Project was completed as per schedule. A new subsidiary by name of Bamni Protiens Pvt. Ltd was incorporated in Dec.'97 with an authorised capital of Rs 300 lakhs. During 1998-99, the company's Ossein division got ISO 9002 certification from KEMA, Netherland. Also 2000MT “ UN-quote
Most of the data is being supplied by the Action council and C.R Neelakandan is leading them , today (21/07/2013 ) there was a large protest march and Dhar-na in front of the factory .
1. http://www.change.org/petitions/ban-ngil

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