The Book Swaraj by Arvind Kegirwal -A New Paradigm for the epoch

'Swaraj “ Text for the context of Paradigmshift in present epoch
Prof.Gopalakrishna Panicker E.G

Dear Amm Admi Party leaders and supporters from different districts, respected resource persons of experience, knowledge and wisdom ,
I am very much delighted to talk about a book which is guiding the trajectory of the rest of my life .'SWARAJ' -book by Arvind Kegirwal .
Book with its simple and straight forward style starts with a clear mention of its purpose .Every chapter arranged in problem-solution format with required logical sufficiency. As our state Secretary Adv Anil Ikkara has given an excellent overview of the book ,I shall try to present my understanding and epistemology of the concept of 'Swaraj ',how it highlights the required 'Paradigm shift' to our world view

Sree Arvind Kejriwal after graduating in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur , worked in Tata-steel and then qualified Civil Service Examination and joined the Income tax department. The book starts with his experience in the Income Tax Department .Towards the end of 90's,his team conducted a survey related to the financial irregularities of Multinational Companies operating in India and caught them red handed .They accepted the crime and paid the entire amount without an appeal?!. Had the same crime if committed in their own country ,they have been behind the bars . During the survey, one chief executive of an MNC threatened “Your's is a poor country ,We are here to make you better , if your Department continue to bother us ,We would pack up and leave. We have access to the parliamentarians of your country. We can deal with the personnel who bother us “ .The threat rang true when one of the senior officers of his team was actually transferred. “Did they really have control over our parliament?” Let me quote from 'Swaraj' “This thought sent tremors of terror through my mind and body, Are we citizens of a free country?, Are the Members of Parliament of our country making laws for the welfare of its people only? “
The whole book is the answer to these disturbing questions ,with concrete examples from different parts of our Nation and logical remedy by citing examples from different parts our country and abroad . A political alternative with a different Paradigm . Before discussing the main thesis of my talk “Swaraj as a Paradigm shift “ let me discuss the episode of Nuclear Civil Liability bill being presented in our parliament , discussed in the first chapter of' SWARAJ' itself ,Which shows the methodology of approach of the Government.
The bill proposes that if a foreign company sets up a nuclear facility In the country and if an accident were to occur in the said nuclear facility then the liability of the company is limited to Rs.1500 Crores only. And no criminal complaint would be lodged !?. It is compared with the small amount of Rs 2200 Crores offered to the Bhopal gas victims! with payment delayed indefinitely ,Chairman of the Union Carbide responsible for the crime was treated as state guest!?. Please note that the Nuclear Civil Liability bill is trying to do a bargain related to the tragic possible event of a Nuclear holocaust ,If there is no possibility of an accident as they repeatedly claim why can't they offer anything under the sun as compensation,a baseless claim even they don't have faith!.
In the Malayalm translation of “Swaraj” it is mentioned that “The nuclear accident would be equivalent to that of Bhopal gas tragedy “ please correct the mistakes In page 15 para 2 .The original Hindi book, corresponding line reads “ eak paramanu hadhasaa , na jane kithane bhopal ke baraber hoga?!” .As an informed physicist, I have translated it as “How much catastrophic would a Nuclear holocaust would be ?! “ in the Malayam translation,which I did during the month of December 2012 and planned to be published in the name of the state Ad-hoc committee of AAP later ,has not happened , I have requested the leading AAP workers of Kerala to come together for two days at Cochin, and I shall read out the Malayalam translation, line by line and some of you should read the English and then Hindi version and we can discuss ,argue and finalize the Malayalam version of “Swaraj “ and publish it in the name of State unit of AAP , it has not materialized. My program was to make AAP unit here getting well versed with the basic concepts of “Swaraj” .Any way apart from some small mistakes ,We have a Malayalam translation .Please read it two or three times ,together with the English version and if possible the Hindi original .I am not going to discuss each and every chapter of the book ,try to read it in solitude , not to qualify in a discussion or arguments but to change ourself. Since paradigm shift has a lock from inside ,nobody but you ,can open it, it is for my country ,our generation and future generations . Go through the four interviews ,Arvindji has given, together with our VISION DOCUMENT , letters from National leaders ,interviews and talks , try to synchronize our mind set in harmony with the right thinking and Paradigm shift it demands .Let me start with the last word of the first chapter of Swaraj “ We will have to do something different “
Swaraj as a Paradigm shift
Thomas Samuel Kuhn, an American physicist, historian, and philosopher of science wrote in 1962, in the book “The Structure of Scientific Revolution” fathered, defined and popularized the concept of "Paradigm shift" ,He Argues that the scientific advancement is a "series of peaceful interludes ,punctuated by intellectually violent revolutions", and in those revolutions "one conceptual world view is replaced by another".Classic example is the Renaissance started in Europe and gradually spread to cover the whole world . Indian counter part was initiated by Rajaram Mohan Roy ,Gopalakrishna Gokhele , and long list of great souls . Swamy Vivekananda and Sri Arvindho rightly established it's generic link to our noble tradition while Mahatmaji's “Hind Swaraj' and his life provided the text relevant to the period of Independence movement .
Every epoch of change needs its own text ,relevant to the context .We have now the text 'Swaraj' and for political and social implementation , we have the party AAP . Arvindhji seems to tell what Mahatmaji has written in his 'Hind Swaraj' - "it is my duty patiently to try to remove your prejudice." .
Glorious period of Indian Renaissance has produced excellence in every sphere ,science, literature and even sports ,it continued for few more years at least in the Parliament discussions ,apart from the correction done by historic J.P movement for freedom of expression and democratic pursuits, moral and ethical values eroded gradually first and exponentially in the present decade , nepotism ,influence from outside and a long list of reasons social ,political and economic and unrealistic centralized planing can be attributed as reasons .Corruption graduated from few thousands of Indian Rupees to hundreds of thousands crores!!.
Let us have an overview of the existing 'Paradigm' related to social and political activity with examples and historical lessons from Kerala ,which is more relevant when trying to build up the the right political alternative in the state .Just like any other state in India it stared as a continuation of Renaissance , spread of English education initiated by European missionaries and follow up by different communities , sawed the seed .It is worth to remember the Famous comment by Swamy Vivekanda related to the cast system and Un-touchability , with his moral support and guidance, Sreenarayana Guru, and Chattampi swamy , started the initial phase , Great Ayyankali ( 1863–1941) worked systematically for the dignity and uplift of Dalits ,the Untouchables at that time .He was praised by Mahatmaji during his visit to Kerala in 1937. It is said that the field prepared by the Renaissance movement provided the fertile soil for the left movement to flourish in Kerala ,Punnapra-Vayalar uprising (October, 1946)in my native district (Alleppey) – and similar uprising in Malabar (Kayyur) changed the political map of Kerala , it should be noted that among thousands killed in Punnapra -Vayalar ,none was from the party leadership . Carders believed that there were only rubber bullets in the gun of 'Diwan C.P Ramaswamy and they can win the battle with wooden spears ! Group fighting was always there within the communist party and in Congress both witnessed good number of splits and reunions – It should be noted that when C.P.I.(M) was formed majority of prominent leaders were with C.P.I but in 1967 assembly election ,even though there was an alliance between C.P.I and C.P.M most of C.P.I leaders were defeated by the Congress candidates , reason attributed to the fact that there was an understanding among C.P.M carders to ensure the defeat of the C.P.I and C.P.M became the big brother in L.D.F. In 1971 C.P.I. has done the sweet -revenge , Chief minister Sri Achutha menon (C.P.I)shared the power with Indian National Congress and Muslim League -, there after smaller parties and communal forces began to shift there alliance between the two fronts .Alternative sharing of power in Karala in every five years . This has given a new opportunity to have an understanding between the leaders in both fronts to escape unhurt after committing corruption . During the last assembly election in Karala happiest man in the state was Mr.Pinarai Vijayan the C.P.M leader, who was able to prevent Mr Achuthanandan from becoming the Chief minister , Now try to view the T.V channels. Corruption,nepotism ,scandals ,immoral and unethical activities are habits rather than incidence. Dear friends we are trying to develop the 'New Paradigm' in this background – first thing which is to be changed is our mindset It can be acquired by continuous practice only, 'SWARAJ ' taught us that our aim is to transfer power to the people ,Power to the Amm Admi, it must be the part of our habit even in this infantile stage of our the party in this state , I must realize that those who are listening me is far better and capable of doing better , you in turn must understand that there are hundreds of possible dedicated individuals out side the party fold now not even heard about this workshop and our activities .
Please note that our party line and principles of Swaraj was better understood and effectively delivered by Respected Resource persons like Sri C.R.Neelakandan, Prof. Marar and R.T.I activist Adv.D.B . Binu than anybody here . They are not yet our party members – Our ability to bring them in to the party fold will bring wonderful results for the benefit of our nation. For that we have to change our mind set . Knowingly or unknowingly if our Party work and face book activities are aimed at keeping the present position as the state Adhoc -committee member or higher, it will directly or indirectly cultivate the opposite mindset. This is the real paradigm shift we need , Let me do it now I am opting out from the state Ad-hoc committee ,I shall work for the party in a small locality of nearly 10 k.m radius from my hometown and village , I shall work for the party in Delhi -election and mobilize all kinds of support – since it is very important and contribute to the spiraling growth of the new paradigm in to larger domains- try to practice the new 'Paradigm' if you agree with me .Argue with me and criticize me strongly if you disagree , that again will give me a chance to test my tolerance and reluctance to get provoked.
Just look around and see the sad state of affairs
not only in India but else where. Egypt ,Greece ,Brazil all having long traditions and past glory , now we have a text relevant to the context and Philosophy of th epoch “The New Paradigm “ .I have a dream , like the Renaissance started from Europe – Our country is in the threshold of showing new path to the whole world – A philosophy based on tolerance, Humanism, free from corruption ,greed and nepotism . Such a thought will make us more active ,fill with more readiness to give more taking less.
Thank you

Jai Hind

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  1. "it is my duty patiently to try to remove your prejudice." .

    Apart from the correction done by historic J.P movement for freedom of expression and democratic pursuits, moral and ethical values eroded gradually first and exponentially in the present decade , nepotism ,influence from outside and a long list of reasons social ,political and economic and unrealistic centralized planing can be attributed as reasons .Corruption graduated from few thousands of Indian Rupees to hundreds of thousands crores!!.

    I feel this is the right time to join with a move after JP's and the one lead by Aravindji.
    But the above speech contains nothing significantly on "Swaraj" and simply giving a glimpse through the Indian Indipendence move, where as the next one is verymuch due and that is to where the swaraj guides.
    Please lead to something in this regard and rest otherthings are almost known or of having not much relevence in knowing