SAVE DEMOCRACY FRONT -TALK done in Trissure - 29/11/2013

Edited English translation of the talk given at Chandrika auditorium Thrissur , Kerala on 29/09/2013 during the convention organized by Save Democracy Front
                  By Prof. Gopalakrishna  Panicker

Respected President of the function Raman Pillai sir,dignitaries honoring the dais and hall ,respected Govindhachariya , Jagadheesh ji, Dr Puthezhatthu Rama Chandran and respected friends,
I shall take only few minutes as it is also corruption to grab others time slot. Expanded and edited English translation will be sent to the respected Govindhachariya and jagadheeshji, who cannot follow Malayalam .Copy of the same will be send to the national leaders of Amm Admi Party and other contacts.
    Let me express my sincere gratitude to, the organizers Save Democracy Front .Again for inviting me to talk and listen to the  epistemology of social dynamics of Indian society, by Govindhacharia . Excellent presentations by respected Jagadish Shettigar, Raman Pillai sir ,Dr Puthezhathu Ramachandran and other proud citizens of India.
         I am really proud and happy to participate discussing  clean politics ,transparency in approach ,jana lokpal ,Right to recall , danger of nexus between leading political parties and corporate . Need for higher moral and ethical standard , attempts to bring back the lost values of  renaissance which was the back bor n of  the new freedom movement. 
                  Let me name two books one by the President of this convention Raman Pilla sir ,other is the celebrated book “SWARAJ by Arvind Kejriwal, the founder of Amm Admi Party , please read both and note the harmony of thoughts and words . Same is getting reflected in the discussions here . 
                 Every epoch needs its text relevant to the context. These books together with other similar books ,articles and speeches provide the same , just like Mahatmaji' s 'HIND SWARAJ' ,and His life ,provides the text relevant to the context of freedom struggle thanks to the great leaders of Indian renaissance and freedom movement .It demands the required 'Paradigm shift ' for the alternate politics "Paradigm shift" is a term fathered,defined and popularized by great American Philosopher and Physicist Thomas Kuhn in his book “The Structure of Scientific Revolution,” (p.10).it has a lock from inside demands the change in our mind set .
         Quoting Jegadeeshji and Govindhacharia from their logical presentations “Corruption has graduated from few hundred thousands to millions of millions . Unholy nexus spreads its web to every aspects of human life .Let me suggest that the anti-thesis to the same –need for clean politics ,based on values of renaissance and swaraj ,now gathering momentum. Thanks to the historical movement initiated by respected Anna Hazare and his committed disciple Arvind Kejriwal . Anti-corruption movement ,The jana-lokpal bill ,formation of the new political party all are going to change the  chemistry of  politics for a new India . 
     Social thinking gradually  changing to a new level of optimism. But we should not under estimate the stock of dirty tricks at the disposal of the corrupted echelons of power . 
          Yesterday the 'Yuvaraja ' of the ruling dynasty in his own style rushed to the press with strong demand for 'clean politics' and to throw away the pro-criminal ordinance .Media is celebrating the crowning preparations. Now the polemic between Narandra Modi's Development and Rahul Gandhi's 'Clean politics ' flickering the prime time National channels . Trick of escaping from the public anger against corruption and deviating from real need of the people .'Yuvaraja is trying to play the inherited 'Mr .Clean ' image , but we cannot refrain from remembering – Bofors and Quattrocchi . We don't know the understanding between junior partners of U.P.A ,Congress and the leading opposition . And we will never know the proposed closed door discussions between 'Yuvaraja' and the Prime Minister after his return from U.S The ordinance was introduced for wrong reasons   morally ,ethically and constitutionally ,its withdrawal is equally shameful . Real victory is that of the civil society and smaller parties yet to make its presence in the parliament .Congress and B.J.P competing with allegations of double talk to grab the credit of withdrawing the infamous ordinance .How quickly the senior Ministers changed their stand on the 'criminals -ordinance' . As Prof. Yogendra in a channel discussion put it “Yuvaraja after waiting long for getting crowned is launching the rescue boat from the sinking ship “.
     I am fully agreeing with the the words and thoughts expressed here in different tone and style . This reverberates the contention  of informed citizens of our country. Very purpose of formation of The Amm Aadmi Party is to clean up the whole system .Please visit http://www.aamaadmiparty.org/ . for further details.
     Now the relevant question is how to translate this unity and harmony to a viable political alternative taking everything possible in to account which includes our own weaknesses and strength as against the muscle power ,money power and dirty tricks of the corrupted nexus.
       I am happy to learn that 62 political parties and few reputed individuals joined to form Save Democracy Front . From my experience of trying to organize Amm Admi party units in different districts of Kerala.I have interacted with few asylum seekers , political careerists and even paid agents from leading political parties trying to infiltrate in to the party fold and attempting to grab key positions. Off course large number of dedicated and committed individuals are joining the party and more are keenly observing us . others  yet to know about us .Nothing unusual , the existing paradigm in all walks of life is corruption and nepotism. sycophancy to be with the leaders . Partly because of my ignorance ,I don't know the names of all these 62 political parties ,but I know few of them and good number of reputed souls capable of bringing good to my nation . Just carry on !  Since the forthcoming Delhi State Assembly Election is crucial . It must be approached systematically, logically , based on the principles of 'Swaraj' -Decentralization ,Transparency and Dedication . Electoral seat adjustments and closed door discussions are oxymoron in this context. People's candidates are selected by the 'janasabha' ,holding back their right to recall. They are not the party candidates picked by the 'high command' or 'politburo'. Our job is not to seek the power but to transfer it to the People of our country The Amm Admi .Please check their suitability of the proposed candidates  in Delhi , If we can suggest a better one, do it ,to the local people who selected them else support them whole heartily and collectively.Try to mobilize maximum support of all kinds to the great freedom struggle , Let us try our level best to bring respected Anna Hazare, Medha Padker ,Kiren bedi and other great citizens of India in support of the noble cause. Delhi election is the launching pad for bigger .
    I am optimistic , we have just seen few minutes back ,after the talk of respected Jegadeeshji criticizing B.J.P ,a gentle man standing up raising a question “ what  were you doing when you were the economic adviser to A.B Vajpayee , why now you are criticizing them?. “together with some provocative comments . How calmly and logically you have replied ?, simply refused to get provoked ,let me appreciate you sir , that shows your commitment and dedication to the cause . I have few similar experience in Delhi just before the formation of the new party and after. While working with IAC ,we have rushed to Delhi with few youngsters selected in a hurry to argue against the formation of the new party ,it was not simply the logic and facts which convinced me ,but the body language and glow in the eyes of Arvind Kejriwal ,Adv Prasanth Bhushan,Sisodia and Gopal Roy and other national leaders of the party .Yes we realized  the  need for a new party with a difference .
        Now the social thinking in the right direction has acquired necessary impetus . Even Congress ,B.J.P ,Left parties are all talking about ethics ,morality and clean politics .After the Delhi election , we can expect new dimension to our perception of present epoch . As Adv Shanti Bhusan rightly said “ This is the last bus to democracy and the next is anarchy. We can make our democratic pursuit rolling .Bring back freedom and self respect .Let us salute thousands of martyrs who loved freedom and life . We will be with you and the true Indians will be with us – Jai-Hind !                                        Krishg                            email krishgindia@gmal.com 

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